Struts and Bushings

A couple of months ago when I took my car in I was told I need to change the struts (front) that I must have gone over some really bad bump and broken them.

That repair cost $ 495.00

Now the car feels unstable and makes an awful sound when I turn the wheel or go over any slight bump on the road. So, I took the car in and I was told that the bushings (front end) were broken and would need to be changed out…another $ 395.00. What is the difference between struts and bushings?

A strut us a combination of a coil spring and a shock absorber cartridge. In some types, such as the McPhereson struts in Civics, the strut also controls the movement of the wheel through its suspension travel.

A bushing is a rubber shock and vibration absorber, and an isolator, between two pieces that attach together as a solid attachment but require some amount of relative movement.

Honestly, the shop should not have released the vehicle back to you like this. Something is really wrong with this picture. I’d go elsewhere for a second opinion.