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What happened to price stickers on cars?

I thought Federal law stipulated new cars had to have a price sticker prominently displayed . The dealers in my part of NJ seem to be ignoring this . Has the law lapsed ?

The stickers still exist in every showroom that I have visited lately.

Where in NJ are you located?
Are you absolutely sure that these are new cars, rather than nicely-detailed one or two year old trade-in/off-lease/repo cars?

Federal law does mandate the presence of a “Monroney” sticker, named for the Congressman who sponsored the enabling legislation, on all new cars. Among other things, the sticker must state the car’s fuel mileage and it must give a comparison of that mileage with other cars in the same size class.

A dealer who does not display the original sticker on the window of a new car is not to be trusted, IMHO. However, I really doubt that the cars you saw were truly new.

Perhaps those cars aren’t for sale. The dealers just want to rent you one. …oops, I mean “Lease”. :wink:

or they’re looking at the repair holding lot.

Maybe they are going the way of the supermarkets. When was the last time you saw a price sticker on a can of beans?

Doesn’t your state require “shelf labels” underneath each item?
The labor costs of putting price stickers on individual cans that will be scanned by a bar code reader are too high for retailers in today’s business environment.

Courtesy of e-bay:

[b]"In the United States, all new automobiles are required to include an official form listing certain information about the car; this window sticker is commonly called a Monroney sticker in the industry (or simply a window sticker), named after Almer Stillwell “Mike” Monroney, the Oklahoma senator who sponsored the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958.

The sticker is required to be affixed to the side window or windshield of every new car sold in the United States. A fine of US$10,000 per vehicle is applied if the sticker is missing.

The sticker must include the following information:
The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP)
Engine and transmission specifications
Standard equipment and warranty details
Optional equipment and pricing
City and highway fuel economy ratings, as determined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The sticker is not required, and the act does not apply, for vehicles with a gross vehicular weight rating of more than 8500 pounds (3856 kg)."[/b]

Genex–What type of vehicles are you looking at?
Do they weigh over 8,500 lbs?

Perhaps the sticker prices have gotten so high that they are on the roof of the car rather than on the window.

Good one!

I recall that, during a visit to Cincinnati, circa 1972, the local Kroger markets had their federally-mandated “ceiling prices” for staple items posted–where else?–on the ceiling!

Who says that folks in Ohio have no sense of humor?

Yes…but the prices are usually wrong. They raise the price of the item but the stickers underneath (if there is one) are out of date. This also occurs at the major supermarkets and good old Walmart as well. Once in a blue moon the price will scan for less than the sticker.

You should file a complaint with your state’s Office of Consumer Protection.

New cars in the showroom .
Last place I noticed was in the VW dealer in Hamilton .

Well, the reputation of VW dealers in general is very poor, so God only knows what might be going on at that place.

VW dealers consistently come out the lowest of all new car dealers in customer satisfaction surveys.
Were the employees at that dealership wearing masks by any chance?

Federal law requires the stickers be in place on all new, unsold cars. The exceptions would involve dealer demonstrators, lease cars for sale, etc.

So are you saying that ALL of the new cars on the lot have no window stickers? I find this a bit hard to believe and especially with multiple dealers.