2020 Toyota RAV4 - Lost sticker

I have a Toyota RAV4 2020 I lost the information sticker I don’t know if you can help me and what are the procedures required of me
vin JTMGBRFV70D101059

OK , I will bite . What was supposed to be on this mystery sticker ?


Are you talking about the original VIN window sticker build sheet that came on the vehicle when you bought it?

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well, if you are you can try getting it from the dealer or purchase one from here…

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No I have a VIN but I’m trying to toyota calibration files download and it’s asking me for BULLTEIN ID but I don’t know how to get it

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This is mainly a US of A Forum and it appears you are in some other country . Why do you need calibration files on a vehicle that is still under warranty ?

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It is true that I am in Norway, the car was out of warranty due to an accident, and it was bought from the insurance company at the auction. Also, the warranty is very expensive here. We buy it, repair the damage, register it, and sell it.

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Service bulletin number or calibration ID? Which module are you trying to update?

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srs esu

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srs ecu 89170-42720
calibration ID 8917F4249200
toyota rav4 2020 axap54-a25a-fxs

Your dealership is the place to start. You’ll need to explain which information sticker you are referring to, as there are several which come with new cars. If you just need certain information from one of the stickers, there are usually other places in the car that have the same information. the sticker on the underside of the hood has a lot of info about the engine and transmission , and there’s often stickers inside the trunk with the option configuration, paint colors, etc.

If you are referring to the VIN plate, that is usually on the dashboard, visible from outside the car looking through the engine. One use is by police during a traffic stop to verify the VIN matches the registration.

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thank you 111111