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What else needed with timing belt replacement on Passat

At 91,000 miles, it is time to replace the timing belt on my 2003 Passat, 1.8 liter Turbo. I know that the water pump also needs to be done. One mechanic recommended that he should check/replace the tensioner, cam seals and front seals. Is that work also needed? I am just starting to learn about this sort of thing and worried about doing things that aren’t needed do to cost, but also don’t want to waste money later if labor is more efficient now and it is likely to need doing.

If the timing belt also drives the water pump, most of us would recommend replacing the water pump,and belt tensioner (if so equipped) since most of the cost is labor, and the water pump would have to be replaced sooner or later anyway. You may not like the cost, but Passats are very unforgiving cars. My neighbor’s Passat broke a timing belt BEFORE its replacement time/mileage, and caused $3000+ in engine damage which VW would not make good on.

All hoses and belts , water pump and thermostat

Thanks for the input, especially the reminder about Passats being unforgiving. I have a quote that includes new cam and cranks seals too and it is hitting $1000. Not even the dealer. I am having some doubts about how long this car will last without becoming a money pit.