2002 passat 1.8 turbo timing belt

what is the normal labor hours and the cost to replace the timing belt on a 2002 passat 1.8 turbo? when does this need to be done and what else should be replaced?

Timing belt should be done at no more than 80,000 miles on the Passat. The manufacturer said that they’re good until 105,000, but the trail of Passats that have tried and failed to make it to that mileage on the timing belt is long. Since this is an interference engine, should the timing belt snap you are in for a massive repair to the cylinder head and valvetrain.

A proper timing belt job on this car will replace the belt, the idler pulley, the tensioner pulley, and the tensioner assembly, along with the water pump and thermostat. The serpentine belt should be replaced as well, as it has to come off to do the job. Also, have the front bump-stop engine mount replaced. It’s a $10 part, and it tends to crack over time- especially if you drive in a “spirited” manner.

Cost depends on where you take it. My local dealership will charge around $1000 for that job, an independent with VW experience would probably be closer to $700-800.

Thanks for the information, this is my daughter’s car and she lives 5 states away
I will e-mail this to her