What do you think of the Chrysler Pacifica?


We’re looking at those now. Is there anything (any quirks) I should know about?


Skip any new ones as they depreciate very heavily making them excellent buys used.

I rented a car and got one as a substitute. I found it to be a bit underpowered for my tastes however it may be fine you, keep this in mind when you test drive it.


Every review that I ever read regarding the Pacifica commented on its power (or actually the lack of it). Overall, it should be a fairly decent vehicle because it is essentially just a Chrysler Town & Country with a chopped roof and with AWD added.

The components are fairly standard as a result of its similarity to the Chrysler vans. Of course, that may not be a good thing in terms of the transmission!


Well, the Pacifica had more than one engine option, the base being a barely adequate 2.7l V6, the top a very nice 3.5l V6.

The other issue surrounding power is whether or not it has AWD. Lots of power is lost there.

New for 2008 is a very substantial 4.0l V6. If you don’t feel that the current engines are powerful enough for you wait another year and pick up a used Pacifica with the 4.0 - I doubt you’ll be disapointed by it.

As far as the rest of the vehicle. Two my colleagues have one. They both rant and rave about how much they love their Pacifica. They’re both top of the line and fully loaded - including the 3.5 litre V6.