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What do you think about using amoil for your car?

What do think about usingg Am/oil for your car?

What is Amoil, or Am/oil? Never heard of it.

Do you mean Amsoil?

Amsoil is fine, but your car is unlikely to need such expensive motor oil.

If you mean Amsoil, it’s great.

I do see a few websites for “Amoil” motor oil, though they do seem to only be found overseas. I always get suspicious when I see fancy web pages with claims that a product saved a company lots of money (like the Amoil motor oil that saved a trucking company over $300,000).

As for Amsoil, if that’s what you mean, I agree with mcparadise. It may be a good motor oil, but why waste your money on it if your vehicle and driving conditions don’t call for it.

Oil discussion opinions will be all over the map. With Amsoil, or any other specialty oil, be careful the opinion isn’t coming from someone who profits from the product.

In the end, you can’t go wrong by simply following the oil recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual.

If you mean “Amsoil”, I’d just use Mobil-1 synthetic instead. It’s cheaper and just as good. (IMHO)

Is this stuff an Amway product??

I use their ATF and p/s fluid in my Honda - works great.