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Switching to amzoil

I am currently using motorcraft 5w-20 synthetic blend on my 2005 ford freestyle. If I switch to amzoil 0w-20 will I see leaks or will the engine get fouled up.

Why would you change brands of oil if you expect bad things to happen?

Do you expect anything GOOD to happen? if so, what??

Are you seeing leaks now? Things will be exactly as they are now. The only things that will change are the brand of your oil and the price you pay.

If you live where the temperatures regularly drop below zero, having 0W-anything oil will make the vehicle easier to start, but the same goes for any brand of synthetic 0W-20 oil.

Personally, I don’t see any reason to switch. You will still need to change your oil as often as Ford recommends.

I don’t see any benefit in switching your engine oil.

using amzoil I would only change oil once a year or 24,000 miles. That is my motivation for changing. I just heard that a fully synthetic will tend to clean the engine better than blends.

no but I only want to change only once a year, instead of every 5,000 miles. Otherwise I wouldn’t change.

Where in your owners manual does it say you can go 24,000 miles between oil changes?? Amzoil did not design or build your engine and they CERTAINLY are not going to replace it if your little experiment doesn’t work out…Their CLAIMS of extended drain intervals are just that…

If you buy into Amsoil’s marketing hype, you can go 24,000 miles between oil changes. However, at the same time, you will void any existing warranty if you have one, and you just might shorten the life of your engine. Is it worth the risk?

Personally, I don’t buy the the Amsoil marketing hype. The folks who swear by it have a conflict of interest 99.99999999% of the time. If someone comes here to extol the virtues of Amsoil, you can bet your life that person also sells Amsoil, or is related to someone who sells Amsoil.

If this stuff worked everyone would use it. Unfortunately it doesn’t work so almost no one uses it. 24K without oil changes? Sorry…Amsoil is bogus.

Got to give those Amsoil marketing people credit. They sure produce a good sounding pitch.

OP: Another way to look at it is “Who should you believe?” You can either believe an Amsoil spokesperson who stands to profit from you switching to Amsoil. Or you can believe your owners manual and the many experienced people on this forum (who are in no position to profit from the advice they provide).

Save your money and stay with your current Motocraft oil.

I personally use Amsoil in my 1989 Honda Accord and I work for Valvoline selling valvoline oil.

EDIT: I do not change it every 25,000 miles however, I follow the severe (amsoil’s severe) recommendation of 15,000 mile oil changes. So far it’s performed flawlessly with no sludge or varnish build-up in the engine. I also have not seen any leaks (since I fixed the leaking oil filter base gasket, which had leaked for years).

You might be interested in Valvoline’s 300k engine guarantee, if you use their synthetic oil. Of course, you have to change it every 3k-4k miles to maintain coverage. My point? Legitimate oil makers don’t claim you can get extended change intervals out of their synthetics. Even Mobil1 “Extended Performance” oil (15,000 mile warranty) still has to be changed every year, and is not for any type of severe operating conditions. I would not use any oil that encourages 24k change intervals.

Amsoil says 15,000 mile oil changes under severe conditions and always says “or one year, whichever comes first” for both their normal and severe service recommendations. Whether you put any stock in the evidence provided by Used Oil Analysis, you can go on and there is plenty of evidence from people unaffiliated with Amsoil which does support their claims.

I wouldn’t go that long. Synthetic is good, but it will lose its viscosity and protective factors just like any oil. It may take a few more thousand miles (I usually go 6,000 with Mobil-2), but I wouldn’t expect it to protect for a full year. Plus even if the oil somehow makes it, the filter may be getting pretty full of crud by then. Why not get a somewhat cheaper synthetic and change it at a more reasonable interval?

You can also go say, 6,000 miles, then get an oil analysis done for about $25 if you wish. This will tell you how bad the oil has gotten by then, and you can possibly increase the oil life accordingly. There’s a company called “Blackstone labs” (Google it) that will send you a shipping container for free, then you pack up a sample and send it off along with a payment or your credit card number.

Sorry, I meant “Mobil-1”, not “Mobil-2” It’s been a long day…

If you switch to Amzol 0W20 you will still have to change the oil as often as the owner’s manual calls for.

Driving 24,000 miles and only topping up the oil will severely sludge up your engine in normal driving. The only way to go 24,000 miles between oil changes with ANY oil is to gently drive from coast to coast several (6) times.

If you believe the Amsol hype rather than professional engineers and maintenance specialists, we can’t really help you.

Well, we can help them decide between a new engine or a refurbished one when their engine seizes up from sludged oil

Thanks for all your input, I think I will stick with the motorcraft.

Don’t Amsoil motor oils lack API certifcation?