what do you think of amsoil

I can’t imagine it being any better than, say, Mobil 1. But it’s way more $$, right? This is for normal use in a car, while adhering to the manufacturer’s recommended timing interval, of course…

It is definitely the Tupperware of oils. Maybe the Amway. I believe that it may be as good as the synthetic oils that cost less, but nobody can really tell. I know I sure can’t. If you become an Amsoil dealer, you might end up with a lot of product that you can’t turn over right away.

In my experience it’s really good stuff, but only worth it if you’re planning on extending your oil change intervals using used oil analysis. For instance, I change my oil every 15,000 miles with Amsoil, but I don’t trust their word when they say 15,000. I use Used Oil Analysis to verify the condition of the oil and whether it is being run too long or not.

Please help us understand the problem you’re hoping Amsoil will solve?

  • Are you looking for your engine to last longer?
  • Are you looking to extend your oil change intervals?
  • Increase your gas mileage?

Amsoil is supposedly a good oil. But who knows for sure because they apparently certify the oil themselves instead of getting API certification. There is an article on the carbibles.com site which discusses how Amsoil uses a fake looking API certification symbol. Even if Amsoil is a high quality oil, there are may others which cost far less money.

If you use the oil type specified in your owner’s manual and change it per your owner’s manual schedule, you’ll be hard-pressed to see any benefit from Amsoil. There’s an endless supply of Amsoil distributors who will tell you otherwise. They are trained with a great sounding sales pitch.