What do you mean no McNuggets at drive through!

I mean reallY!

Hope the next car was not looking for McNuggets!

Guess the end of civilization is not as far off as I thought it was… :frowning:

@OK, you"re getting a glimpse,some people need to learn to stay home and go to bed-Kevin

I find it interesting that the person who posted that video on Facebook refered to this psychotic mess as a “lady”. A lady is a female person of refinement and good breeding, and this crazy woman is just that–a woman–and not a lady.

Why do so many people nowadays use the term “lady” when “woman” would be far more appropriate?

Is there a YouTube link for that, I don’t do the facebook videos.

@keith here ya go! www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJye229QbVs

Thanks, that is funny. I had a similar situation in reverse at a McDonalds once. Previous to my last visit at that McDonalds, on two previous occasions, my food was not ready and I was asked to move forward and they would bring me my food as soon as it was ready. On both occasions, they did not bring out my food and I had to go in and get it.

So the last time when they asked me to move, I told them that I would just wait at the window until it was delivered. The manager went crazy on me. I think she got fired over that but I still don’t go there anymore.

About half the cops on duty showed up for that one.

Wow! Meth, PMS, and motor vehicle are a bad combination. I’m surprised she didn’t make a U-turn and drive through the front doors!

That episode kind of reminds me of an incident in a convenience story once. This little store is owned by a Korean family. They’re all hardworking and extremely polite.

Back during the Clinton administration when cigarette taxes were really pounded hard the price of smokes took a big jump upwards.Stopping in the store one day some mullet haired redneck in front of me was upset about the price of a pack of smokes and started giving that poor Korean girl behind the counter all sorts of grief about the price and that she should lower it. She was polite at first and became much firmer after this idiot started getting volatile.

I thought that she was going to be attacked when he put his finger in her face and started cursing. There was a beer display right there so I discreetly pulled a full bottle out of one of the containers and eased up behind the guy. The intent was to lay him out if he didn’t back off.
About that time she reached for the phone and started calling the police so the redneck bailed for the front door.

The Korean girl had seen me pull the beer bottle and thanked me for having her back as she knew why I had done it. Thankfully, things did not progess that far but it was tough watching a 190 pound guy threatening a girl who did not weigh a 100 pounds soaking wet.and who had done nothing wrong.

Hopefully she gave you the beer! We all do stupid stuff from time to time, I walked up to the local gas station for a pack of smokes, as I had too many beers to drive, some dude with the mega woofer, body parts rattling was filling up with gas, and I made the stupid mistake of flipping him the bird.

Well this guy came into the store wound up tighter than a toy drum at Christmas.
I do not know the lingo but grabbing the crotch of your pants and shaking it while swearing at someone probably means something to someone.

I said why should I have to listen to your blaring music and car parts rattling when I want to buy a pack of smokes.

I leaned against the counter on my elbow as the attendant and I watched his antics. Now I felt comfortable doing that being an upper degree belt in Tai Kwan Do, and was ready to play defense if needed, would have gone for black but did not want to hurt an opponent as full contact was the rule of the day.

He eventually tired of his rant and saw I was not going to try and get in his face, and if he wanted something to happen it would be his move, and he left.

@Barkydog, I would not have accepted the beer. I just put it back into the container. The guy in front of me did not bother me too much the first 15 seconds of his tirade but after a minute or two I can honestly say that I was pxxxxx clean off and ready to whale on him anyway.
I honestly thought this clown was about to tear into a tiny girl and there’s no way I was going to let that happen.

Probably just another meth head out on parole for the ninth time based on the jailhouse tattoos… :frowning:

We dont have parole in VA,former Gov.Allen did away with Parole and boy are theprisons full of people that dont need to be there(that was just an admission that the DOC doesnt work,oh well business as usual,got some spare loot?build a jail and become wealthy-to the tune of at least 20- 30K a year per prisoner I’m told;
That being said,I met a few that really belonged there.I believe schools are being incredibly lax on teaching things like etiquete and manners,we are getting too crowded on this old world to be lone wolf bullies,competition is good,but learning to be a gracious loser is better,take it from me there are many people that should be in jail ,that for them its not even an option due to their money and cronies.People you better learn to get along,there are more of us all the time-Kevin

I have to give her credit - she came up with some very creative threats. Changing into her ultimate form, etc.

Well.@Shadow looks like she was already there,she better learn to behave before someone teachs Her some respect-Kevin

The attack on the window with her elbow was actually rather impressive… I would nt want to have to deflect those blows.

Um, Sheriff, I don’t think it would be a good idea to issue a carry permit to her. I don’t know, just a gut feeling.

“Changing into her ultimate form, etc.”

Brings to mind Charlie Sheen…