What do you know about a 2001 Cadillac DeVille?

Found a very clean model, 120K, all power and options work, great pearl paint. $6995 Any strong/weak points for this car? Thanks!

The best available info says this car has a worse than average reliability; weak points are; engine major (much worse than averge), engine minor, cooling system (much worse), transmission, drive system, electrical, climate system (much worse), suspension ( much worse), power equipment (much worse).

Only the paint, exhaust, and audio system are above average. The Automobile Protection Association rates the reliability as “dismal” and parts above average in price. And this is the best Cadillac made for that year. Loss of coolant, poorly shifting transmission problems, and steering problems are the most common as well as instrumentation glitches. The Northstar engine is great on paper but has many problems and is very expensive to fix.

All the above will tell you the reason for the low resale value and why people are buying Lexus, Acura, BMW and other luxury cars.

If you were to buy this car for serious commuting, you could easily accumulate $3000-$4000 PER YEAR in repairs, which you had wished you had put towards a better car.

Sorry I can’t report many good point, but this panel tends to warn prospective buyers of potential money pits to be avoided.

The 2 types of buyers who could benefit buying this car are mechanics (who fix them in their spare time with cheaper parts) and retired folks, who drive very little but want to show off their wheels at the bingo parlor.

I assume you do not fit into either category.

The gas mileage will surely be worse than a similar luxury car by Lexus, Acura, Mercedes Benz, or BMW.

You may recall that oldsfan has been asking about weekend cruisers for months. He fits into your ‘doesn’t drive much’ category.

Oil leaks are a common weak point and are very expensive to repair. The oil pan is a 10 hour+ job.

Sorry, I missed that part. My late brother in law went for a used Buick Park Avenue. Loved it and it gave virtually no problems. If you have a bad back, this car is particlarly good since the doors are cut into the roof, so you can almost walk into the car.

Hope oldsfan can afford the repairs on the Caddy; otherwise it’s a nice comfortable car with a great paint job and radio.