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Pre-Owned 2004 Cadillac Deville

Over the past year I have had to replace 2 window regulators, a front motor mount, rear brake reline, new wheel engine bearing, a Plenum, and on top of all that the paint is peeling on the front bumper and the rear High Brake Lamp is cracked! HELP! Anyone see any connection between all these repairs or just my really, really bad luck?

How many miles?


A friend of mine went through several late model used Cadillacs in rapid succession. He had trouble with all of them, including a CTS-V, and gave up in frustration.

Now he has moved to Mercedes Benz.

Out of the frying pan . . .

Think I’ll stick to Cadillacs for now. Mercedes? I have enough headaches!! Thanks!

A customer once asked a GM salesman, “What’s the difference between a Chevy Celebrity and a Cadillac Cimerron?” The salesman answered, “$4000.00!”


Time to find yourself a nice used Lexus LS430. That vintage Deville is rated ‘worse than average’ to ‘much worse than average’ by Consumer Reports. Your troubles line up with the typically reported trouble areas. Too bad, they did nothing to help GM’s image.

Funny you should mention a Chevy versus a Cadillac. I was going to buy a new Chevy Malibu but the Cadillac dealership was within walking distance so I ended up with the Caddy from Hell. Trying to show off owning a Cadillac has certainly taught me a lesson about the pitfalls of vanity!

Well, at least maybe some others will learn from your painful example. Sure, you can buy a 7-year-old luxury car for the price of a new Chevy, but you’re stuck with all the added features that inevitably break. There’s a reason that luxury cars suffer the highest depreciation!

While I’m unfamiliar with a “wheel engine bearing”, it sounds like you just happened on a beat up, banged up, used-&-abused Caddy. Your response to Tester says it all.

I remember years ago my brother saying “why buy a new Chevy when for the same amount you can get a used Mercedes?”. I just shook my head and walked away.