1996 Cadillac Deville Maintenance

I am interested in finding out if a 1996 Cadillac Deville requires special maintenance. This car has 76000 miles on it and I have heard that Cadillac built these cars with required special expensive maintenance at 100,000 miles. Supposedly the car wont run if this is not done.

We are thinking of buying this car. The person selling it is a little old lady who says her son did this maintenance already. She is asking $3000 for this car. Does anyone have any comments?

I appreciate any comments you might provide.


Here is the story as I understand it:

–You don’t know what “maintenance” needs to be done
–Little old lady doesn’t know what “maintenance” needs to be done but claims her son did it (24k early) in order to sell you her car.

Something smells fishy. Not that I would call the old lady a liar.

Others on this board will have better info on the Cadillac Northstar engine, which is notoriously difficult to rebuild but can be reliable if proper maintenance has been done for the last 14 years (doubt it!)

Offer the old crow $1500 cash if the car is in good shape. Show her the crisp new $100 bills and you will have yourself a deal. That fishy smell is DESPERATION to sell.

RUN!!! This car will be a maintenance maney pit and you will regret it! Don’t believe a word the lady or son tells you!