Chirping Toyota Tundra

I have several questions. I expect some can be answered, some maybe not.

  1. Why is my neighbor’s late model Tundra chirping and flashing the lights at regular (maybe 20 second) intervals?
  2. Why can I hear it a house away but my neighbor (at home) cannot?
  3. Can I stop it? If it something like hey idiot, you left it unlocked with the keys in the ignition, maybe I can.
  4. If I resort to violent methods to stop it, will I be subject to criminal penalties. or would a jury of my peers find it justifiable truckicide?

Those are some tough questions, which I assume are rhetorical. Have your tried talking to your neighbor about this problem? This can be a form of disturbing the peace, which is a violation of the city’s code, if so, your next step if the neighbor doesn’t correct it is to call the city code enforcement office and ask what your options are.

I was hoping someone familiar with Tundra’s would know what causes it. Maybe an anti-theft system gone bonkers? Key fob- if they have them- left inside?

I’m not familiar with the Tundra, but it does indeed sound like an alarm system on the fritz. Sometimes I go for a short walk at night around the block before retiring, and there’s one car parked in a driveway that always beeps at me and flashes the lights as I walk by. It must have some kind of motion sensor alarm. On that one anyway, it only beeps and flashes once or twice, just for a few seconds.

It sounds like the alarm answer back for the door locks. Depending on the year it can be turned off.

There may r may not be a problem with the car. But there IS a problem with the owner.
First you gotta get the owner to care. Then the car can get fixed.

I’ve had cars beep and flash their lights at me too @GeorgeSanJose, but I thought it was cuz I was purdy!!!