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What do I need to build a 440/335 horsepower motor to a 440/450

i have a 1971 440 motor that has 335 factory horses.

what can i do to it and about how much would the parts cost to get it up to 450 horses.

this engine will be put in a 70 satelite with a 727 tranny

Is Dick Landy still around? He could certainly tell you-Kevin

Talk to the guys at Summit Racing These guys sell and build big horsepower machines.

450 from 335 is not bad. If the engine is strong and tight now, a cam, headers, and intake with a new larger carb can do this. A 3/4 Street cam, not too radical and provides good idle, really bumps up the horsepower, and the intake and headers lets it breathe better. The new carb takes advantage of this new breathing. Check out the pricing at Summit to determine the parts costs.

If the engine is tired or shows signs of wear, like smoking or low compression, you need a rebuild, and the tab just went much higher.