4.3l 1991 k1500 power hopes

any hope of getting more power from this old truck? reg drive 65mph at 8-10,000 ft elevation.

Drop in a small block V-8 or install a turbocharger-Kevin

How about something less expensive, throttle body spacer?

You want more power? Trade this truck for one with a bigger engine. Otherwise you’re wasting your money.

Well you can throw all the excess weight out of the back,switch everything to synthetic oil(maybe even use oils with lower viscosity)drop a tire size,clean air filter,low restiction muffler,install an electric fan,new spark plugs and on the tires make sure the tread isnt too agressive.All of this will help and maybe the gas mileage a bit also,but the question is-Will it get you to the level you are happy with?-Kevin

I know several people who’ve done that on different vehicles.

You MIGHT see a 10hp increase…AND MAYBE a .5mpg increase.

The quick and dirty way would be to go a junkyard, find a 350 (an LT1 perferably) and drop it in. The 350 was a factory option for 1991 so it’ll drop right in.

Your 4.3 is just a 350 with 2 cylinders whacked off…You want power? step up to 5.7 liters by replacing the missing cylinders…