1993 CHEVY CAPRICE ltz 5.7

how do you get enough power from a 1993 5.7 350 chevy caprice motor to match the power of the 94-96 5.7 liter 350 lt1 motor

A K&N air filter, 22 inch rims and dark tinted windows should do the trick. Maybe hang some dice from the rear view mirror. And of course two 15 inch subs in the truck with about 20k watts behind them.

Probably different heads, multi-port injection (the 93 has throttle body), a hotter cam and upgraded exhaust.

I did a little research for my 93 with the 305 TBI (L03). The biggest improvement would be replacing the heads, the OEMs are fairly restrictive. World Engines has replacement heads for the L03/L05 motors that are good for 30-40 HP (so they say).


A new intake manifold is need for the replacement heads, while you’re in there the cam could be replaced too. A bigger throttle body will be needed too.


After all that, the exhaust should be updated too. If you want a dual exhaust, a double hump transmission mount is needed. The 90-93 Caprices used a single hump crossmember.

After all this I decided to leave mine stock except for the “Caddy TBI Intake mod”. This mod uses a Caddy TBI Cover, 3" or 4" PVC, a 45 degree elbow and a K&N cone filter to make a CAI for the engine. It costs about $40 and might be worth a few HP. The second to last picture is similar to mine, except I used black PVC.

30-40hp and you must replace heads to get it? not worth it,must be $600.00 for the heads and then labor.

Besides heads, cam, manifold, throttle body, exhaust ad infinitum, I would need to swap out the 2.56 rear for a 3.08. I suspect it would be a lot more than $600. Other than the homebrew CAI, I might replace the exhaust with a 9c1 (police) Y-pipe and a low restriction cat and muffler. Even so it would be more for sound than power. If I want speed, I can always drive my wife’s Sienna.

Ed B.

You buy Engine Builders magazine which specializes in antique (small block) engines. You will be surprised at the expense or at least the effort. A trip to any book store will help.

I figured $600.00 just for the heads,and I probably firgured low.



You don’t need a 600 dollar set of heads to match the power of the late model LT1. There is a set of later model aluminum LT1 heads on ebay for 300 bucks right now.

You can do the whole swap up to MPFI, intake, heads, cam, PCM, the whole shebang, but it’ll probably be spendy. Best bet would be to find a wrecked F-body (preferably one that wasn’t hit in the front) and scavenge its wiring harnesses and engine parts.

Once you get the better-breathing late model LT1 stuff, then you might think about going with a Vortech supercharger or something like that.

The TBI engines are roaches. LT1’s are a dime a dozen you can get a used complete one for less than a grand.

I like the analogy, like a roach the TBI will run forever and is hard to kill :wink:

Ed B.