What constitutes as a truck chassis?

Yeah, he saw your Wisconsin plate and knew he had a live one.

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I think safety regulations are (or were) laxer for trucks.

I am thinking back to @Mustangman comments. Somewhere a bell rings that mandates cars offered by a manufacturer with a minimum average mile rating, now the rav4 is 23/28 but if trucks are not included, wow conspiracy theory! Just to repeat the title lists chassis as truck.

SUVs and passenger vans with a versatile cargo space (folding or removable seats) are classified as light trucks by the EPA. It has been this was for 30 years, nothing mysterious about it.

From a Chicago tribune article, appears to be at the officers discretion.
“The Illinois Vehicle Code defines a truck as “any motor vehicle designed, used or maintained primarily for the transportation of property.” Troopers will have discretion to apply the rule to any cargo carrier, whether it’s an 18-wheel tractor-trailer or a carpenter’s pickup with a load of lumber in the back, said tollway spokeswoman Sari Mintz”

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Any place on the NY Thruway that is 3 lanes or more in the same direction has signs posted that say, Trucks, Buses and Vehicles with Trailers are prohibited from left lane.

I was bob tailing ( driving just t6he tractor portion of a tractor trailer ) in the left lane of I-90 through downtown Buffalo when I was pulled over by a Buffalo policemen. He said he was going to give me a ticket for driving a truck in the left lane.

I said, this is not a truck. He said , don’t be ridiculous, of course it’s a truck. I said, No, it’s a tractor. The license plate says tractor and so does the registration.

He said, We’ll see about that, and took my registration back to his car and was talking on his radio and gesturing with his arms. I could see thr red creeping up the back of his neck from his collar and he threw his microphone at the dash. He stormed back to my tru ,oops, I mean tractor and gave me back the license and registration and said, don’t let me catch you out there again.

I said, Yes sir. No sense pushing the point

In Virginia our 2011 Dodge Caravan is described as a “Sport Van”. So I guess it is neither car nor truck.

In summary, there is a federal definition of “truck” that avoids the gas guzzler tax, your state’s definition of “truck” which may or may not match the federal definition and finally, the manufacturer’s source of the chassis parts used to make the vehicle.

I can’t stand people that just “know” you’re wrong, until/unless you can prove otherwise

I’ve had bosses like that over the years

And in the end I typically did prove I was NOT wrong

Sometimes I think people are like that because they somehow have a feeling of “power” when they’re sure that everybody else is wrong.

But when their employees prove that they were doing everything correctly, those types of bosses usually have some stupid comment such as “It seems you were correct . . . this time”

Yup, that about sums it up

I got off topic . . . as usual

I’m done ranting for a little while :smiley: