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'99 Taurus That Hesitates

I have a '99 Ford Taurus that was hesitating and sputtering while driving. I had the fuel pump replaced about a week ago thinking my problem was solved. Lo and behold, while driving about 50mph and trying to pass vehicles, my car started doing the same thing. It acts as though I have bad fuel or there is dirt somewhere that is entering my gas line. Any suggestions? I need help!

From the sound of it, the original fuel pump may have been fine.
Did they replace the fuel filter as well? When they replace the pump, they often need to adjust the fuel pressure as well.

Hesitation could be caused by many different things. Are they sure your problem is fuel related?
Some fuel related, others not. For instance, a clogged EGR valve could do it as well. Those things are easily cleaned with some carb or intake cleaner.

Fuel Filter?
Vacuum lines?
Idle Control Valve?
Throttle Body?
Head Gasket?
O2 sensor?

My 2003 Taurus hesitated as an early sign of a problem with the camshaft synchronizer.

My money is on the mass air flow sensor…you can clean it…use a q-tip and carb cleaner…pull battery cable when done to clear fuel trim. If your “CHECK ENGINE” light is on have it checked first

fuel pumps get replaced far to often. i think Banty has a good point.