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Saturn Hesitation

Hey, guys… I drive a 2001 Saturn SL1 sedan - 70k miles.

Whenever I go up hills, it hesitates… At about 30-40, I’ll step on the gas, it’ll think about it for a couple of seconds and go… in some cases, it’ll sputter a little bit before going.

A couple of months ago, it wasn’t so bad, but it’s progressively gotten worse.

I’m thinking it’s a bad spark plug wire, but could it be something else? If so… what’s the $ damage?

This could come from a large number of things. If you’ve never changed the plugs & wires you should just do it as a matter of course - even if it isn’t the problem. Its relatively inexpensive and easy to do in a little 4 cyl like that.

While you’re at it get a new air filter in there if there isn’t one. Also cheap and easy.

The next thing to look at is the fuel filter - also cheap but usually not as easy depending on where it is.

So, on other words, start with a complete round of basic “tune up” maintenance. Then see where things stand.

4 words: “Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor.” $9 at your parts store. temp sensor is telling PCM that engine is cold so it dumps too rich a mixture into your engine. you are prob getting bad gas milage too. usually hesitates between 1st and second gear.