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What car to buy

I drive about 60k miles per year. I do not like to deal with major or minor car repairs. what is the best car on the market (best bang for the buck)

300+ miles a day? If you can afford the gas and car, a Lexus ES350 would be one way to not get worn out from, what, 6 hours a day behind the wheel…

Do you want:

A new car or a used one?
What is your price range?
Is high gas mileage a consideration?
How many people does it need to accomodate?
Is a “generous” amount of engine power a consideration?
4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder, 10 cylinder, 12 cylinder?
Do you want a coupe, a sedan, a wagon/SUV, a convertible?
Are you willing to use high octane gas if the car mfr specifies it?
Do you maintain your cars “by the book”, or do you tend to be lax with maintenance?

And, perhaps most important of all–When you say that you “do not like to deal with major or minor car repairs”, do you mean that you do not want to spend money on repairs, even if they are recommended?

As you can see, there is just a bit more to the situation than your question implies.

Frankly most current cars are good. Do some shopping. See what feels right to you. Consider mileage, the difference there could be significant over many miles.

Wile it does not hurt to look at the recorded repairs for various cars, but don’t put too much weight on that. Most cars today are good. So you end up with car A having an average of 2% of their cars having problems, and car B having 4%. Car B would be better, but only by 2% 96% of the buyers would not have any problems.

A 4 cylinder mid size car would be the best overall choice. At 60,000 miles per year, if you are going to keep the car 5 years that would be 300,000 miles of trouble free driving.

The candidates that copme to mind are; Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Ford Fusion, Mazda 6. All are available with 4 cylinder engines, are quiet on the road, have good seats, and will easily go 300,000 miles without major repairs other than wear items such as brakes, shocks, maybe a radiator, alternator, battery or starter.

I’m afraid with the amount you drive there will be some minor repairs with any car unless you trade every 3 years.

Avoid any complex extas such as sliding roofs, automatic air conditioning, etc.