Buy or Fix?

I have four cars. Three have around 200,000 miles, one has about 60,000 miles.

The high mileage cars are all paid for.

My question? Is it better to keep fixing on these old cars considering the repairs coming up due to mileage or better to sell them and buy newer?

What are the years and models of the cars? Who drives them, how far, and for what purpose(s)? How long have you owned them, and have you done regular maintenance on them? If you sold them, what year/model car(s) would you want to replace them with, and what’s your budget for newer cars?

How many cars do you need? For most people four cars is an expense we can do without. Cars cost money even if you don’t drive them.

Generally it is cheaper to fix a car than to sell one and buy a replacement.

97 Ford E350, 225,000 miles
97 Pontiac Sunfire, 187,000 miles
95 Nissan Sentra, 196,000 miles
02 Beetle, 60,000 miles
Three sons, one wife and me all driving.
Owned most of them a long time.
I was wondering about getting smaller cars that get good gas mileage, no specific model or year. Maybe new

We have 5 in our family and 4 cars. We would have trouble getting by with fewer cars. I would pare them down in this order first to go):

Sunfire, Sentra, van, then the Beetle. This assumes you actually need the van. I suspect you might since fitting 5 in any of the other 3 seems difficult.