What car should I buy?

I have never had the money to buy a car but that will soon change. So I am basically a novice driver. I also have depth perception issues; only use one eye at a time. I currently live in a very large city but intend to move to the country once I get a car. So I need something with really good clearance. Good gas mileage is also important. Any ideas of what may be a good vehicle for me?

How much money do you want to spend? That will help us decide whether you need a used car or can afford a new one. Also, how far up-the-country are you moving? If you live on a farm, then you might need good ground clearance. If it’s a small town, any car will be just fine. Help us help you, and you’ll have a great time searching for your new car. Remember that whatever you read here is a suggestion. Nothing is more important than what you think of the car or truck after you see it and drive it.

Buy the Consumer Reports car buying guide and read it from cover to cover.

You can get a drivers license as a one eyed driver? Depth perception and peripheral vision are kind of important when driving. Is it really safe for you to be driving? I recommend you buy something small, maybe a motorcycle so that when you hit something or somebody, you won’t do as much damage.

I agree with texases.

Since you are a novice, the scope of what you need to learn about cars in general, and 2009 models in particular, is so voluminous that you really need a good reference source, rather than random recommendations.

Any large bookstore (Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc.) will have the CR New Car Buyers Guide, and it is a comprehensive source of everything that you need to know before you visit showrooms. Once you have narrowed down your choices, be sure to request an EXTENDED test drive so that you can get a really good idea of things like seat comfort, level of road noise, ride quality, etc.

Be sure that you test drive the exact same model that you are interested in, simply because the more luxurious model of the same car will frequently have more soundproofing and better seats than a cheaper model, and those who test the more expensive model but buy the cheaper model may soon find that they don’t like the ride, the seat comfort, and the interior noise level of the cheaper model.

I Grew Up With A Person Who Had Sight In One Eye.
Our questioner states that he/she must use one eye at a time.

Let me tell you about my friend. He played sports with us and was very good. You’d never suspect it was more difficult for him. Following a Biology / Geology major in college, he had a job flying as a passenger in planes for an oil company, inspecting pipe lines, visually.

I worked at an airport where a one-armed attorney kept an airplane. He flew planes wonderfully, safely, legally, with the help of an artificial arm.

I would rather encounter either of these drivers on the road than a person applying make-up, text-messaging, changing CDs, concentrating on burping the alphabet, eating a Big-Mac Value Meal, or clipping one’s toe nails while driving or even a person distracted by talking to passengers or day-dreaming.

Many people with disabilities drive better and more carefully than folks who should know better.


I am in agreement with CSA.
With so many so-called “unimpaired” drivers on the road who are doing stupid, or dangerous things, or just driving in their normally distracted manner, I think that we have much less to fear from someone with one eye who knows that he/she needs to exercise caution.

Now that the medical issue are “resolved”. You have to decide how much ground clearance you need. Generally, 4 WD pick ups will offer the best though Toyota Tacoma makes some models with excellent ground clearance in 2 wd with limited slip in the rear, a great non off road combination. If you just need “more than usual” and don’t need awd, compact SUVs like the RAV4, Escape and CRV are excellent and economical and can be had in 2wd with very good clearance. My feeling is that if you need clearance, you also need awd/4wd unless you go the truck route. Add winter driving and you increase the need for awd/4 wd if clearance is a concern. It will be much worse in the winter.

PS I recently lost the sight in one eye and find that safe driving requires more constant attention to detail I used to take for for granted, and familiarity with the surroundings REALLY helps. It is much tougher to react to changing and challenging situations with sight impairment in an area you’re unfamiliar with. Drive extra slow in those situations and maximize your reaction/decision making time. Golf game really took a hit too.

I would recommend the RAV4… the RAV provides excellent visibility…no blind spots(pardon the pun)…have personal experience with a driver with one good eye…