What are you going to do when oil prices crash?

My late friend, Carol, used to tailgate other vehicles so closely and so consistently that it was just so much easier–and far safer–for me to say, “Let’s take my car, Carol”.

On the other hand, it wasn’t so easy to avoid riding with my kooky ex-boss. He was nicknamed Chatty Cathy because he never shut his mouth, but the real problem took place when he talked while he drove, because every time that he spoke, he would take his eyes off the road in order to look at the person to whom he was talking.

If that dangerous habit wasn’t bad enough, he would also hit the brake when he took his eyes off the road, and would then hit the gas–hard–when he looked back at the road. The constant whiplash was… not pleasant.

Luckily, he was also cheap, so when I offered to drive, he took me up on my offer.


That gives me serious heebie jeebies. I refuse to ride with people like that. Tailgaters bother me but less.

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Be sure to hold a sticky drink in a cup all the time when riding along!