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What are these guages for

95 jeep cherokee lifted with rancho suspension. There are gauges in the dash. 2 dials soft too firm. 2 black buttons 1 larger red button. I understand they were/are probably for suspension adjustment but how does/did it work. I assumed air but i see no airlines at shocks and found a receipt for mountain extreme gas shocks…

I would bet it no longer works. It appears that few if any of those air controlled systems last very long. In any case if it might explain why the prior owner put in the fancy shocks that were no doubt cheaper than fixing the OEM suspension system.

I would guess they were separate controls for the front and rear air control shocks. As far as the red button, maybe the passenger seat eject sticker was in the wrong place;). I had air shocks on an old f150 that lasted forever, 15 years until I got rid of it. If the system is still intact there would be an air hose going to the shock probably on the bottom. It may still be there!

That is the same gauge shown in picture. The jeep was lifted…why the heavy shocks i dont know. I found no sign of any airlines to the shocks. Who knows…gauge may be left over from previous setup

I have my doubts on the passenger ejection but…hey ya never know

You wouldn’t understand…It’s a Jeep thing…