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VW Golf pulling a U-haul?

I’m planning a 1,500 mile move in a couple months and trying to weigh my options for hauling my stuff.

I’ll be driving my 2001 Volkswagen Golf 4 DR/4 cylinder manual transmission. My question: any thoughts on whether it’s a reasonable plan to attach at U-haul 5x8 trailer to this vehicle? Will I regret it later? Will it ruin my car?

If I can tow a trailer, should I let u-haul install the hitch or have someone else do it? If so, who?

Thanks for your thoughts! Money’s tight so your advice is much appreciated.

Perhaps you’ll do this despite what anyone says. Not a good plan. The 5X8 U-haul trailer is too much for your car. Towing with a manual transmission isn’t recommended either. You need to look at other options.

U-Haul may not even let you pull the 5 x 8 trailer behind your Volkswagen Golf. What are you moving? Books can often be shipped cheaply by freight. Some moving companies will haul a partial load at a good price if you aren’t fussy about the date–the company will hold the items from several moves to make up a full load and then make the run to several different, but close destinations.
You might look into the cost of renting equipment and seriously evaluate what your larger items are worth. It might be more profitable to sell the items before you move and then purchase either new or used at your destination.

You’ve got it backwards, if you’re planning to tow a U-haul trailer with a Golf.

Instead you should rent a U-haul truck, put your stuff in that, and tow the Golf behind it.

It’s all about the weight. The weight and the age of your car. If you have a lot of stuff and plan a permanent move, it might be worth it to rent or buy something better qualified. I wouldn’t go over 1k lbs and that assumes you aren’t going to pile much in the car too if you try it. Be prepared flor problems. It’s old and trouble prone.

I second this answer.

I would never tow with that car.

"An accident looking for a place to happen."and “the tail wagging the dog,” comes to mind. Have you ever driven with a trailer in tow, rzp?

Check the owner’s manual for the tow limits. Exceeding the limits will shorten the life of your car.

There are class 1 hitches available for the Golf, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should tow a ton of stuff 1500mi. The UHaul 5x7 weighs 900lb. empty.

We are moving 2500mi. After pricing the options I chose to use a major moving company. You will get a $/lb estimate. We pack; they load, transport, and unload. Our move works out to $1.60/ mile. They had a 2100Lb minimum price. If you don’t have enough stuff to meet the minimum consider the cost to rent a truck and flat tow the car.

Check the cost of renting a box van and towing your car against renting a box that you fill and have shipped for you. There are companies that deliver a container to your home, you fill it, and they haul it for you to your new home. I suspect that the latter is less expensive, but you need to check it out.

Exceeding the limits may shorten the life of the driver as well.

If you’re thinking that you can save money by towing with this vehicle, consider the money you’ll spend needlessly replacing it too early because of this effort.

These are all very good comments, that I do agree with. DON’T DO IT!

Go to U-Hauls website and look up the weights of their trailers. Their SMALLEST trailer weighs over 700lbs EMPTY. Start adding “stuff” and you’ll be double that in no time…NOT A GOOD IDEA.

Your best bet is to rent one of the U-Haul trucks and TOW you Golf behind it.