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What are general safety rules concerning airbags?


I’m about to remove my door panel and it has an airbag. The usual saying seem to be to disconnect negative terminal from battery. Is that it? I can then disconnect airbag safely if required?

My own personal safety rule about airbags is that I don’t mess with them.

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But if it’s in the door I have to mess with it some way or another, which is probably just disconnecting a connector.

Disassembly and assembly

•Inspection, testing and installation work may only be carried out by expert personnel in BMW Service.
•Work on components of the airbag system should only ever be carried out with the battery disconnect, the negative terminal post covered and the plug connection of the cable leading to the gas generator disconnected. If only the battery disconnected, the following prescribed waiting period must be observed without fail:
•30 minutes for vehicles up to 9/93;
•1 minute for vehicle from 9/93
•In the event of breaks in work, a component with a gas generator that has been removed must be secured against access by other persons.
•Individual components must never be repaired. Instead, always replace them.
•Do not treat airbag system components with cleaning agents or grease.
•components of the airbag must not be exposed to temperatures in excess of 75°C.
•Airbag system components, including electronic diagnostic components, which have been dropped from heights in excess of 0.5 m must not be reinstalled in the vehicles.
•Before installed, subject components such as housing, connector pins etc. (including electronic components components) to a visual inspection for damage and replace if necessary.
•Airbag system components may only be electrically tested while they are installed and only with the BMW ISTA.
•Danger of injury: The airbag module must only be set down with the airbag facing upwards . Otherwise the generator will be thrown upwards if it’s fired.
•Do not point the firing pellet of the gas generator at other persons
•Components with gas generators must not be fired while they are removed. They must be disposed of by special by special disposal companies or returned to BMW in the packaging of the new components.
•When carrying out straightening and welding work with an electric welder:
•Disconnect battery
•Cover negative terminal (post)
•Avoid all contact with the skin when removing a fired airbag module.
•Wear gloves and wash with water after contact with skin.