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Removing driver's air bag on 2013 Legacy

Ok, I know there are spring clips that have to be pushed. I can see and release the one on the bottom, but have spent a lot of time looking and probing for the other two on the sides of the steering wheel. Is there some special trick for the '13 model to get the air bag off? I need to repair the clock spring/spiral wire for horn function. Thanks all!

Have a real mechanic fix this for you. If you mess up and cause the airbag to activate you will spend much more on medical care then a proper repair. If you are on the web that indicates you should not be doing this.

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Yep, pro time.

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If you are properly restrained in your seat and the air bag activates you will get hurt, usually facial bruising and burns, sometimes broken nose or jaw. Excellent trade off in that it saves your life.

If you are leaning over the steering wheel with your face close to it trying to pull it out and accidentally activate it, you will have a real bad day. If you survive, you will have terrible face and head trauma. If you have a tool in your hand it will be driven into your face/skull.

Ain’t worth it.

Take it to you local independent mechanic. The pro’s know how to deactivate the bag to work on it and know how to take it out without it accidentally tripping.

I do a lot of my own work on cars, this is one I would not touch.

I concur this is something best left to a pro for personal safety reasons among others. Note that the air bag might still activate even w/the battery disconnected. If you’d still prefer to do it yourself, find a copy of the manufacturer’s procedure, which includes the safety procedures . There’s probably a special tool needed for this job. A Chilton’s or Haynes manual may have the procedure. Check w/your local public library. As posted above however, which I concur, this is a job I wouldn’t attempt myself.

Judging from the replies, I assume none of you know the answer either. BTW, I may be a redneck, but am old enough to know better than to put my face close to a wired up air bag, or to air up a truck tire on a clinch ring wheel without proper precautions.

Consider this , it would be irresponsible to tell someone of unknow mechanical ability over the web how to do what you are wanting to do. There is no way to verify your skill level or to verify that someone here will give you accurate instructions.

If I knew exactly how to do it I wouldn’t tell you. Besides not knowing your skills, what it something sets it off? Just not putting ‘my face close to a wired up air bag’ isn’t enough.

But you do what you want. Just make sure nobody else is around.

working on airbags, one has to disconnect battery/power and to wait for the time period specified (usually 20-30 minutes) to make sure capacitors would get discharged, after that it will not deploy even if you sledge-hammer it

had to remove my steering wheel before, this is the procedure recommended in the sho repair manual for Nissans to wait for 20-30 minutes, then you are safe to work on it

I do not know the answer on how to remove the airbag on Legacy, but I bet the safety advice of “read the shop manual, do as it says” is quite safe to give

Wait 60 seconds after disconnecting the battery before starting work. Push the spring clips in toward the center of the steering wheel about 1/2" and the airbag retaining pin will be released. There are 3 retaining pins/spring clips.

Let us know if you were able to free it up OP, and if so, how you did it. Did you need a special tool?