Air Bag


We have 1995 Buick Century…the air bag deployed at a low speed collision. Can we replace ouselves??? getting in over my head?? or do we have to?’s a good car, is it worth doing???

lot’s of questions

Thanks for the help


I would not attempt this without a service manual. Airbags are EXPLOSIVE, and you could hurt yourself trying to install one.

In my opinion you don’t have to replace the airbag. I wouldn’t do it, personally, I’m a believer in seat belts, not airbags.


You ought to be able to do it yourself, with the aid of the factory manual. It will emphasize you must first disconnect the battery and keep it off until the installation is complete. Curiously, airbag work seems to generatesinsouciant fear even from those who should know better.

I do agree with McP, however, that airbag replacement is optional. Check with your state’s inspection requirements to ensure you won’t run into any inspection problems for failure to replace.


Thanks guys…can you just remove the air bag or do you have to replace the steering wheel???after market avaiable??


Aftermarket airbags are not available as far as I know. I have seen lots of used ones on ebay at reasonable prices. Also try for a set in your area. It is necessary to have them shipped as HAZADROUS MATERIAL for obvious reasons, so you’d be ahead if you found a local set. They are usually sold complete with the sensor(s) and all. Installation is not particulary hard. I’ve never done a Century, but I’ve done some Tauri. They’re easy. Some GMs are a bit more buried. I don’t know about yours. DO consult the factory shop manual. DO disconnect the battery and/or pull the airbag fuse(s). SOME cars require the main module to be replaced once the bags have popped. Others reset themselves. READ THE BOOK.


I’d recommend getting a shop to do the replacement, if necessary. An airbag that deploys accidently can seriously injure or kill you or others nearby. I’m with McParadise, though, regarding seatbelts over airbags. If it was me, I’d see if I even needed to replace the airbag; if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t.


I would strongly suggest that you find out if your insurance company requires the replacement of the air bag. Since your insurance rates are based on the safety equipment on your car (discounts for ABS, air bags, etc.) it is very possible that you would be committing fraud by accepting your present insurance rate structure without the air bags being present. Perhaps you can have a friend check (anonymously) with your agent regarding this issue.