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Wet windows rot mechanisms?

So, one of those damned if you do, and damned if you don?t questions.

We park our two cars in an unheated garage-?any garage is a luxury in a Maine winter. We roll down all four door windows. This makes for easier loading and unloading, but also because it allows moisture to evaporate from the car. Like from wicked muddy and snowy boots all over the floor rugs. Otherwise, we figure it won?t ever dry out (well, maybe in June?), as there is very good chance the next day will be either snowy, or muddy, or with luck-?both!

But what about when we retract wet windows (modern ones, with motors), with all that moisture down within the doors? Are there weep holes at the bottom of doors to drain them? Or are we rotting the motors, tracks, wiring? Hope not!

Paul, in Maine.

There are indeed drain holes at the bottoms of the doors. You are doing no harm to the window mechanisms and motors.

Darn you beat me to it.

You’re not harming anything. There are drain holes in the bottoms of the doors to allow water to escape. It’s normal for water to get inside the doors. The window seals are not water tight. Any water that’s in there will drain out or evaporate.

Check the weep holes once in a while to make sure they are open. They can occasionally become clogged if leaves, etc. get down in there.

You’re doing no harm to the car. But, you’d be doing no harm to the car if you left the windows UP, either!

Of course, leaving the windows down makes it easier for the critters to get in. They have a difficult time with door handles, lacking opposable thumbs they way they do.

Why would someone want disposable thumbs?

Not disposable, opposable, meaning thumbs that close in the opposite direction to the fingers. It’s one of the features we humans have that is not common in the animal kingdom. It enables us to hold things that other animals cannot, and use tools in ways other animals cannot.

Thanks, everyone for the replies, I now know about door weep holes, and how to check them.

Critters getting in is not a problem inside the garage.