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Mazda CX 9 inside windows wet

Hello, Any help with this will be great.

I have a 2010 Mazda CX9 and when it rains a fair amount and I put the windows down for any reason, the inside window is fairly wet just on the area that went down into the door past the wiping weatherstip.

This happens on all 4 windows

The Dealer looked at it the other day and said it’s most likely due to inside cabin humidity from occasionally running heater on recirculate. Seems like a lame excuse. We never use this air recirculate setting.

Has anyone experienced this or have any advice.


Wow! You’ve got both inside windows and outside windows? What will they think of next?

This happens on both my cars. It is just the humidity, plus a little water that goes down on the outside window that evaporates, then condenses on both sides of the glass. Run on defrost or AC to get more dry air in the car, and on warm, dry days leave the windows cracked open to let the air exchange and the water evaporate out. Newer cars are much “tighter” than old cars, and once the damp air gets in, it stays in.