Wet Passat


I listened to yesterday’s show with fond memories of my 2002 Passat wagon that also began to leak water into the passenger side footwells. The caller might want to check a few things. The car has rear as well as front sunroof drains which can become plugged. Some mechanics don’t know about these. Also, my car had a recall that revised drainage in the underhood cowl area-it might also apply to 2001s. In the end we didn’t find the leak however and we sold it, but they might be worth looking into for the caller.

I have a '98 passat and I’m assuming the body is virtually the same as the '01 (B5).
There is a “compartment” up against the firewall where the battery is. There is a drain hole under the battery. I’ve had my car since '02 and when I popped the hood earlier this past summer to check something, I discovered that compartment practically overflowing with water (first time I’d ever noticed it). All one needs to do is to remove the battery cables and the clamp that holds the battery in place, remove the battery and plunge your hand into the water and feel around for the drain and pull all the gunk out of it. Worked for me! I haven’t had any leakage in the passenger cabin but probably would have had eventually.

We’ve had the wet passenger floorboards in our Passet after a heavy rain. After clearing the sunroof drain tubes that exit by the front door hinges, the problem seems to be solved. The about 1/2" rubber tube can be squeezed to allow the water from the sunroof to drain. A thin wire inserted in the end of the drain tube can also clear the gunk from the tube.

A thin wire inserted in the end of the drain tube can also clear the gunk from the tube.

Wire is not recommended as it can damage the rubber tube. Generally sting trimmer line from the garden center or a little (not too much) compressed air can safely correct the problem. It also helps to avoid parking under trees.