Wet key

It is impossible for me to open my locked driver’s-side door in the rain without getting my key wet. My question is this: If I put my wet key in my ignition in order to start the car, will it cause a short or do any damage to my car? Thank you for your response.

No, it will definitely do no harm. The key itself touches nothing electrical; the turned switch handles that aspect.

The electrical contacts are physically separated from the lock cylinder. My concern would be corrosion in lock cylinder. Lock cylinders and components are made of metals that don’t easily corrode, but having water in there just can’t be a good thing.

I would wipe the key on my pants before putting it in the lock, but I wear jeans 95% of the time.

This life is so complicated at the best of times without adding to the stress unnecessarily. Tissues are handy in your car for a multitude of things. When you decide to add a box for all of the other things they are very useful for … just wipe your key. :slight_smile: