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Wet floor mats

I have a 1993 Volvo with wet front floor mats. Is it an issue with the A/C drain or heater core?


Are you losing coolant?
Does having the defroster on create a film on the windshield?
Does it smell sweet?
Does it only develop when you engage the AC?

Yes, I do believe we are losing coolant. The defroster hasn’t been necessary…still very warm in NC. Are you thinking sweet smell with coolant? I’ve only been adding water to the radiator when low. I was thinking A/C until the car sat in my garage for two weeks and the mats are still wet!

Thanks for your help

The first place I would look is the drain hose for the A/C. It could be clogged, and clearing the clog is usually quite easy.

I’ve only been adding water to the radiator when low

That can cause problems. Water does not work as well as the proper mix of water and coolant. Each time you add water you are diluting the coolant and it can not cool as well. In addition you are also diluting the anti-corrosion and water pump lube materials. You need to find out way it is loosing coolant and correct that. It may be external (visible) or internal (invisible but $$$$)

In any case the wet floor matt may be the smallest of your problems. The sooner you jump on this one the cheaper it will be.

Good Luck.