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Wet Floor During Winter

I own a 1991 Buick Regal Limited. During the winter (now), I have a pretty good size puddle of water on the driver’s side in front. (This is due to the snow, etc, melting off my shoes as the car warms up.) I have a floor mat, but it only helps a little. What can I use to get the excess water out? (I know a wet/dry vac can be used, but can I use sawdust or whatever is used for oil spills?) And is there a way to prevent this? Any tips would be helpful.

Paper towels, chamois and vacuum cleaner. After you take the big stuff out by absorbing it, a shop vac will do the rest and it doesn’t even have to be set up for water. The water evaporates and won’t even get to the tank.

I like the big fluffy bath sheets. I also like to knock the snow off my feet before/as I get into my car.

We used these in our survey trucks to help protect the floors from the mud we tracked in: . They also came in handy with snow. The key is to shake it out when you get home. Or, hose it down to remove the mud.

Do you have a “carpeted” floor mat or straight rubber/plastic? If you have a couple of carpeted ones, you can change them out and leave the extra on hanging up so the water will drain out of it over an hour of three (if the temp remains above freezing).