Wet engine problems


I recently washed the engine in my 93 altima. It missed so bad I had to park it for a day to dry out, but not before i drove it a few miles spluttering and bucking. Now that it’s dry and running it feels like i lost some power. Is that possible or am I just paranoid? could i have damaged my injectors pupming fuel into a chamber where no combustion is ocurring?


I had a 92 Maxima that wouldn’t start after it rained. Turned out to be moisture getting into the distributor cap. That may be your prob. too or some other electrical component or wires that got wet. Try watching the engine at night to see if you can see any kind of sparking which would indicate a electrical leak. If you haven’t done a tune-up for a while, one may take care of the prob. I’ve HEARD that washing an engine is not a good idea, but not from experience.


I don’t think any damage would occur with no spark in the cylinder. The unburned fuel would just get pushed out the exhaust.