Injector damage?

i washed the engine of my 93 altima. when i began to drive home it began to sputter and eventually would not pull it’s weight. Knowing i had gotten something electrical wet i forced the car to limp and buck back home. could i have dameged my injectors in doing so?

It’s not likely anything to do with the injectors.
More than likely the spark plug wire boots, coil boot, distributor cap, etc. have water in them.

The first thing I would do is remove the dist. cap and see if water has condensed inside. If so, wipe it out and follow that up by checking the plug wire ends, etc. for water.
Spray the wires, cap, etc. down with WD-40. This will repel water and it should, knock on wood, be good to go.

Naaah, you just got some water down into the spark plug wells. Happens all the time. CAREFULLY pull the plug wires and blow the wells out with compressed air.

Check all the places suggested. On a recent wash my problem was water in the MAF sensor. A cleaning of the airflow intake and drying up of the sensors did the trick-that was after working for an hour on the spark plugs/wires and distributor. Now you might get luck and park the car under the sun and the part might dry up on its own…