Help please

Hello my name is mark.Well i got a big proplem if i may say i washed my truck so i open the hood and sprayed the engine down and after i was done i started to have like a misfire like my plugs were no good so if any one good help me or tell me if i may have got something wet that i mess up i would be very thankful of your help

thank u

What kind of truck?

Your plugs cannot go “no good” from shampooing the engine; your WIRES and other electrical items are probably shorting out.

You’ll need a garage and a good mechanic to dry out the system, have it checked out and any defective parts replaced. Modern ignition systems and computers do not respond well to washing.

Mark, I think you have learned a lesson here. It is not a good idea to just wash down the engine bay spraying it with hose or at the self serve car wash.

Water conducts electricity and water under pressure can get in places where it is not meant to be. If you want to spray down an engine you need to cover and protect key areas and components first. If the motor is carefully and properly prepared then you can carefully spray away.

The good news is the truck is running at all. In time it will dry out and eventually should get back to normal. To dry it out you can start with towels and rags. Pay attention to spark plug wires and the area around the distributer cap. If water got under the distributer cap I don’t think the truck would run at all so I don’t think you need to pop off the cap itself. Blowing air in there can help, such as with a leaf blower.

You may need to find a place to park the car overnight as it dries out. Drying out can take awhile. Once the truck is running the heat from the engine should complete the drying out process. In a day or so you’ll be OK.

thank u sir

yes sir it is runing just when i take off it like spuders

After driving my Honda Civic through Hurricane Irene in Miami, I had similar symptoms. Give it a couple days to dry out and it should be fine.

I drank a couple of Hurricanes at a bar in New Orleans. It took me a couple of days to dry out and then I was just fine.


That’s good, it will be OK.

bet it was rough going first thing in the morning, wasn’t it. :stuck_out_tongue:

With today’s cars, using a pressure washer under the hood is like using one on your TV set…I made the same mistake on a Crown Vic and it cost me 3 coil-packs.

yea i just found out today it cost me a coil pack

I hope your truck is running well by now. You may want to change the plugs if it still does not run well since water on a hot plug can crack the porcelain.

That is why I asked what kind of truck is is. COPs don’t like to be hosed.