Were all GM radios/CDs "antitheft" in 2001?

A customer of mine hit a deer with her 2001 Cavalier. The car was a total loss. I found her another 2001 Cavalier, but its CD player won’t play radio stations. CDs play fine. I offered to swap the CD players, but need to know if I will need a code to make the one out of her wrecked car work in the new car. If so, is the code held by the radio or the car itself? In other words, will the GM dealer need the VIN for the wreck to reset its CD player in the straight car?

http://library.alldatapro.com/alldata/LIB~C35543~R0~OD~N/0/80851247/83211553/83211636/83211638/34853741/34866247/34866341/34866436/83167328 This page from alldata.com seems to indicate that a radio which is from another car has to be “introduced” to the vin # of the new car, using a scan tool (probably, only a Tech 2 scan tool).

Thanks for trying, but I got a page that said I don’t have access to the Alldata page you tried to link. Since it’s obviously copyrighted, you can’t cut and paste it to the Car Talk site either. I appreciate the answer provided.