Well Maintained 2004 Lexus ES330 Needs $4000 in Service



When we brought our 2004 Lexus ES 330 ( 81,000 miles) in for checkup, we were told it needs:

Cooling System Hoses

Lower Ball Joints,Stabilizer Links

Cooling System Service

Front Struts


Hence, The $4000 bill. We are uncertain: Do repairs? Trade in?

Advice would be greatly appreciated!


On an expensive and supposedly good quality car such as this, I would certainly question the need for lower ball joints, stabilizer links and front struts at this early time in the car’s life. Also I have run cooling system hoses for many more years and miles than you state.

The cooling system service which I assume means new antifreeze is OK to do as well as the battery.

You need a second opinion from another repair service. Also check to see what your owner’s manual says about some of these things.

Be sure to ask your dealer about Lexus throttle sticking as this is in the news today about a 2006 Lexus.


This wouldn’t be a dealer by any chance trying to drum up extra business? At the least get a second opinion from an independent trusted mechanic.

Do you have an itemized bill for the services, $4000 seems pretty high for the amount of work even for a Lexus.

Ed B.


Take the car to an independent mechanic and stop being ripped off by the Lexus dealer.

Even if the car actually needs all of this (which I seriously doubt), it shouldn’t cost anywhere near $4,000.

No offense, but there’s nothing special about a Lexus ES. Mechanically it’s a Camry. Any decent mechanic can work on it.


Sounds like you were quoted a price from someone who needs a quick boat payment. Avoid the dealerships and see an independent mechanic.


Cooling System Hoses - not likely, I still have most of my originals ('96 ES300)
Lower Ball Joints,Stabilizer Links - get a second opinion, any front end problems?
Cooling System Service - should be cheap
Front Struts - any problems? 100k miles is more like it, but I still have my originals at 140k
Battery - if it’s original, it’s probably time for a new one, but should be cheap.

Remember, the ES330 is a very nice Camry, most any shop can work on it, and the replacement parts should, for the most part, not be too expensive.

Absolutely do not use a dealer for these items, find an independent shop, get a second opinion.


The top radiator hose is the one which deteriorates fastest, because the hot coolent goes through it to the radiator. So, changing it would be a good preventative step.
You could save over $3000 if you went to an independent mechanic / shop. The Lexus is a nice car; but, it’s not so exotic that no one but the dealer can work on it.


I have a strong feeling that was a Lexus dealer.

Your Lexus ES330 = Toyota Camry(albeit nice one) including engine.

Any mechanic or garage can work on it. Get a 2nd opinion.