Speaker on 1 side doesn't play sound, after replacing the speaker on the other side

I decided to improve my car’s audio quality, so i bought THIS.
After replacing the front left speaker with this, i decided to test if it worked. It sure did work, but the front right speaker doesn’t anymore? I have tried disconnecting the new (front left) speaker, but the old one (front right) still doesn’t work.
Did I blow the old speaker, or something else? I don’t want to see my new speaker break when i put it in tomorrow.

Put a volt meter on the speaker terminals and see if you’re getting anything.

These are wired independently, so I don’t know how replacing the left front effected the right front.

I’ll check if i have a volt meter lying around tomorrow. Really confuses me how the left one affected the right. Both rear speakers are working fine.

Try connecting the second new speaker without physically installing it and see if they then both work. Be sure the “balance” knob is adjusted to center.
Post the results.

It is HIGHLY improbable that replacing one speaker on a channel, could cause the another speaker on a separate channel, to go kaput. Get that out of your head, seriously.

8.5 years professional 12 volt installer, still hold a valid MECP Advanced Certificate, for what it’s worth.

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Use an ohm meter to measure the resistance of the suspect speaker. Usually they measure in the 4-8 ohms range, 4 being more typical for cars. If it is blown, it will be an open circuit usually. Sometimes the individual speaker circuits will have fuses or circuit breakers, so look for that too. I’ve had amplifiers damage speakers before, but that has happened to me only when the amplifier is faulty. Suggest before hooking up any more speakers to measure the DC voltage at the outputs of the amplifier with it powered on but the volume turned down. Should be very close to 0 volts on both r and l channels. Turn the volume up a little, and make sure the average DC voltage still stays close to 0 volts.

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New speakers work on both sides. Don’t know what the problem was, but the old speakers were worthless factory ones anyways so I don’t care if they work or not.

My thanks to everyone

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Glad you got your stereo pumping out the tunes. Good for you.

Sometimes stuff just fails coincidentally when you fiddle with something else. Thanks for the update!

Please suggest the sub and monoblock with a capacity of about 3 kilowatts, the trunk can all be occupied) I think to take 2 to 15 inches, what do think? As an option, I looked through the list of top subwoofers. Of course, I liked a lot of things, but I wonder if my old Ford can withstand such power? Is it not too much for my car? In general, I hope there are masters of sound here who could help me to make the correct choice.