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Weird Prium message

My 2004 Prius (40,000 miles) started displaying a message on the display screen “check airconditoner connection”. The AC is running fine. Toyota mechanic tells me that I need AC amplifier and Ambient temp switch for $860 bucks. Claims Toyta never had this problem or heard of it. If that is true what are these items? I need help, and would love to hear from anyone! Thanks, Ruta

Ask your question at the forums at under the “Care, Maintanence and Troubleshooting” section. You’ll get extremely knowledgeable answers there.

It may not have anything to do with the AC amplifier and ambient temp switch. There has been a lot of discussion of this problem on sites like Best to search there. In short, there is a Toyota Service Brief out on this problem (TSB EL002-05). This seems like a pretty widespread problem. Customers are paying $400 to $4000 to have it fixed. Seems to me like Toyota is not owning up to the fact that they have a defect.