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Prius inverter?

Hi all–I’ve just been told the inverter in my 2002 Prius overheated and ruined the transmission and repairs will cost almost $10000. The overheat gauge did come on, I had the car towed to the nearest dealer, they checked it out and said all I needed was a new radiator cap. Sent me on my way and about 3 miles later all the danger, danger lights came on. So I called the dealer, they said bring it back, and after a day of checking things out they say it will cost almost $10000. Seems to me they should have seen the overheated inverter on the first go round and maybe my transmission would be ok. Any thoughts out there?

Do you have a receipt from both visits? If so, you may have a good case to present to them. I’d go back and speak to the service manager Explain yur problem as you did here. If the SM does not agree to pay for the repair, ask to speak to his boss. Repeat the story as you move up the line until you either get satisfaction or reach the owner. If the owner refuses, contact Toyota and tell them the story. Keep going up the line until you’ve exhausted your options. After that, you might contact a local TV news group or newspaper. They often have a consumer advocate that will intercede on your behalf. The notoriety often leads to happy results. Don’t dawdle along the way. It can take quite a while to get through this maze.