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Weird noise in car

My car has started making this metal clunking noise everytime I press the gas pedal. It does it at all speeds, and the car seems to have no problems running/driving. The ‘at oil temp’ light comes on everytime I start my car and this has been going on for months now. I am worried it could be my transmission. What do you think?

Have The Motor And/Or Transmission Mounts Checked. You could Have Worn Or Damaged Ones.
That is just one clunk per gas pedal press, right? It doesn’t go clunk, clunk, clunk, etcetera, right?

“At oil temp” light? I’d have the sender (sensor) checked. It could be belly-up. What does your Owner’s Manual say about this warning?


The clunk is a bad motor, and/or transmission mount.

If the light comes on, it is supposed to get your attention and find the cause. You’ve had the light going on for months and you are worried, but have done nothing about it. Just keep driving and when something gives out and won’t go anymore then you don’t have to worry anymore. It will dead by then.

What does the owner’s manual say about the light? What does a Subaru mechanic say about the light? If you don’t want to hear any bad news, then keep ignoring the light and drive on.