Odd clunking noise

I hear an odd, clunking noise from my 2002 PT Cruiser when I shut it off. This has only happened a couple of times and only first thing in the morning if I don’t drive very far - just a mile or two - before shutting it off? Any ideas? Hopefully, none that require emergency repairs?

You really have to narrow down the source of the noise for us. Right now, this is sort of like calling your physician on the phone, telling him/her, “I have a pain”, and then asking him/her what is wrong with you.

Does the noise seem to emanate from–
underneath the hood,
underneath the car,
from the dashboard,

Does this happen when the ambient temperature is below freezing, or at higher temperatures, or both?

More information is necessary in order to give any responses of value.

Incidentally, driving the car a mile or two and then shutting off the engine is the absolute worst type of usage that you can give a car–especially in the colder months. I really hope that you change your oil VERY frequently, or you will be looking at expensive repair bills.

Thanks for the comments. The noise does not come from under the hood. I think it comes from the middle or rear of the car. I live in Florida and although the temperatures have been ‘cooler’ lately, it is well above freezing. The latest incident was this weekend - temperature in high 50’s. Can’t help the short distances - it’s only 1.5 miles to the grocery store. I put about 8500 miles a year on the car and get oil changes about three times a year. The car has about 57,000 miles on it.