Weird noise 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT

My brother took my truck off road yesterday by himself and when I left there was a noise on the passenger side. It sounds like slowly tapping an empty barrel, it ranged from a low noise and a little louder. Randomly while driving… Bumps in the road wasn’t the problem or turns didn’t make it either. I found a thin stick with burrs stuck underneath and took it out but when I left driving again it still made that noise. It might vary by speed but I doubt it I only drove a couple times and that’s all I perceived so far. I am wondering if I should be driving it at all now? until I can get it looked at I also called my brother and asked if he hit any bumps or holes real hard but he said no hoping he’s not lying to me. Any help or opinions are welcome please and thank you.

With any luck, the problem is merely one or two disconnected or broken exhaust hangers. When the exhaust system is stone-cold, get underneath and begin shaking every part of the exhaust system, and you just might find the cause.

However, even if the cause is merely the exhaust hangers, this needs to be attended to a.s.a,p. before metal fatigue causes an exhaust component to snap.