Rattle/Clunking noise going over bumps

Can anyone help me figure out what is causing this noise. When the rear of my truck goes over bumps it makes a rattle/clunking noise but I can’t find where it is coming from. Here is a video of the noise. http://youtu.be/VoiY60ZDjgQ

The most prominent rattle I hear is the cable hoist for the spare tire. I couldn’t hear anything else clearly.

I assume you’ve checked the shock absorber and leaf spring bushings? Exhaust hangers?

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I couldn’t get the video to play, but–like Mustangman–the first thing that came to my mind was the mechanism that suspends the spare tire underneath the rear of the truck.
This could be as simple as making sure that the spare is tightly secured to the chassis.

That is not the spare tire hanger you hear, I only removed the tire for the
video, noise is still there with the tire on…

That is the noise you hear? That metal-on-metal tapping? That the sound of something very loose made from thick gauge metal hitting something equally thick.

Broken spring leaf? Broken frame crossmember?

Lay underneath, spare off, with a large rubber mallet or a plastic dead-blow hammer. Start smacking things until you hear the noise. Chase it down that way.

Good Luck

Yes that is the noise, I have spent hours under the truck looking and can’t
find it

What year is the truck? How many miles? What model (does it have a carrier bearing)?

Have you put some leather gloves on and tried shaking everything underneath vigorously? Including the U-joints?

Yes, I have done everything possible as far as checking joints, brackets,
grabbing things, moving things, hitting things with mallets, I checked for
broken welds, all that good stuff, I even have a friend that is a mechanic,
I took him for a ride so he can hear it and we spent about an hour checking
stuff… He says everything checks out fine and he has no idea either…
Lol… I thought maybe the internet could give me some ideas… Other then
the noise, there is no problems at all with the truck. 2001 Chevy
Silverado 1500. 63,000 miles. Not driven a lot…

Did you check the brakes? The bed items (tailgate, mounts, etc.)?
I’m just throwing ideas out randomly hoping to get lucky.

Yes… I have checked all that, cans find anything wrong… One thing to
note is that it will only make the noise while driving, If it’s parked, I
can jump up and down on the suspension and no noise at all…

Then I’d think it was something on the rear axle itself…maybe a loose brake dust shield?

The brake dust shields are not on the truck anymore, they rusted away and I
removed them, haven’t gotten around to putting new ones back on…

did you every find out what the rattle was

Check out the stabilizer links and heat shield, first. Go on from there.

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