Vibration when idle (Corolla '10 and at 600RPM)

Anything will help! Here’s the specs so far. I have a Toyota Corolla 2010 automatic w/ 63000. I’ve changed all engine mounts and cleaned throttle body and intake valves with everything. Took it to dealership and Midas and still no fix! The issue is i feel a heavy vibration through my steering wheel and driver seat ONLY WHEN IDLE (Gear on D and foot on break).
Also when the sun goes down and my dashboard and headlights automatically turn on the RPM goes up 650-700 and vibration vanishes! Wtf!
Please if any experts can help me with this problem it would be very appreciative!

What’s the idle at when getting vibration?

When all cylinders work in sync, engine is smooth and quiet. Anything that throws it out of sync can cause the vibration.

Could be number of things.

  1. Single cylinder misfire. More noticeable at idle.
  2. Clogged fuel lines or weak fuel pump.
  3. Timing issues.

These issues could exist at all rpm, but noticeable at low rpms. When headlights come on, rpm is automatically increased to account for greater current draw/load.

Start with checking/replacing spark plugs and wires.

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You changed your engine mounts thinking they were the cause of your vibration… It seems a little too soon for that. Faulty motor mounts does not affect your idle but a vaccum leak will. Did you clean the throttle plate when you did the throttle body cleaning?I

Midas experts told might the engine mounts so had them replaced. Yes had throttle plate cleaned by the toyota dealership and still nothing.

Yes had wires checked by dealership and had spark plugs replaced.

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600rpm but then it goes away when at 650rpm

Chain muffler shops might have experts in exhaust systems, I would not expect to find an expert in anything else there. Dealerships are ok but expensive. You need a good local independent geneal mechanic’s shop. Ask for recommendations from friends and family. Check out the mechanics files on this site, but know they do not list critical comments.

You could just drive with your daytime running lights on. Many cars come like that from the factory.

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Was the battery disconnected by any chance? If yes, the computer has to relearn its factory idle speed settings. Click the following link for instruction on how to reset factory idle settings on most Toyotas.

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I do drive with my lights on but sometimes the vibration comes through when I keep it on for a long time.

Had it factory set many times by dealerships, local mechanics, and myself. Still no solution

My Corolla is older than yours, but it vibrates at 600 rpm too. That’s b/c the warm idle rpm is supposed to be 800 rpm, at least on my Corolla. Over 700 rpm, no vibration from mine either. Your engine could be spec’d differently, but that’s where I’d start. Have your shop measure the warm idle rpm and compare it to spec. Maybe it just isn’t idling as fast as it should be. When the lights turn on, the computer increases the idle speed automatically. That’s done to prevent the idle speed going too low due to the alternator load, which would otherwise result in vibrating or stalling.

I tried to find the spec for the warm idle speed on the 1.8 L engine, but couldn’t find that spec. You could ask at a dealership shop for that info.

One diy’er idea, in a quiet location open the driver’s window, turn the key to on but don’t start the engine. Now push on the accel pedal slowly make it go down and up. You should be able to hear the throttle motor moving the throttle valve in the engine compartment. Make sure there’s not scraping or grinding sounds, that it moves smoothly and doesn’t make unusual noises. Checking the throttle position sensor function probably makes sense too.

It turns out certain toyota engines just idle like this to conserve fuel. Its annoying but normal.

All Toyota Corollas do this. Every generation of Corolla has always done this and they idle low enough to conserve fuel at a stop. I am a tech for Toyota and I promise you there is no way to correct this issue. Unfortunately it’s something you’ll have to deal with. Don’t let anyone make you spend more money on a wild goose chase my friend