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2005 Corolla bad vibration taking off from green

I can’t quite figure this one out. Not ready to start making car payments again…
2005 Corolla with almost 200,000 miles.
Take off from the light and if we go easy it’s normal but if we give it gas (you know, normal off to work traffic, or pulling out into traffic) the engine/dash vibrates really bad… keys were jingling on the steering column keychain. If I have it in neutral and rev it, it’s fine… so it seems to only occur from a dead stop.
Rolling along at speed and punch it… normal…
And when it’s doing this the sound makes me think “uh oh, this isn’t going to make it!” (the deep, low, vibrating stressed car kind of sound)… I can’t explain it…

My first thought was plugs so I replaced the iridium plugs I put in it (30k miles?) but it didn’t change. I did run a bottle of injector cleaner through (I use Berryman B12)… My next thought was maybe an engine mount or two??

Any ideas out there? I guess I could try a compression test if I can find my kit…
Between this car and my 97 Taurus… I’ve about forgotten how to diagnose cars anymore.

Just guessing but I agree with your thoughts about engine/transmission mounts.
A highly UNLIKELY idea, transmission not going into first gear, but starting in second.

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Classic motor mount symptoms.

I have seen similar symptoms from a worn out inner CV joint.

Thanks everyone, I will see about ordering engine mounts with more confidence then.

Has anyone checked the fuel pressure/volume?


You may have people here telling you what the symtoms are, but that doesn’t mean that you have a diagnosis. Symptoms give you things to check. Right now you believe the motor mounts are the most likely culprit. So the next step is to confirm by checking whether the mounts are good or bad and replace if necessary. If they are good, then go to number two on the list and confirm that. This can save a lot of unnecessary parts purchases. On the other hand, you may get lucky and get it on the first or second guess.

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The engine/transmission mounts should be checked by a shop first, rather than just replacing them. There’s multiple things that could cause this symptom, so putting a little cash into the diagnosis is probably a better method than replacing stuff sans prior shop testing showing it actually needs replacement. When I read your post my first thoughts were a possible misfire problem. Are you getting any OBD II codes? Has a fuel trim test been done? EGR or Cat problems are other possibilities.

No codes are showing. And I agree after watching a few youtubes on the engine mounts… I will take it to the garage and ask them to check it out. She does like to take off from the green like a rabbit… so that’s the other reason I wouldn’t be surprised at 200,000 if two or three mounts are broken. :slight_smile: Now I just need to convince her to drive my 97 Taurus for a few days or a week while they have her car… but those are domestic issues…