Clanging Metal Noise Under Car-1998 Honda Civic DX

It sounds like a loose piece of metal and is extremely noisy at the intial start-up of the day. The noise is less and intermittent when the car is in motion. The performance of the car has not been affected but it was suggested to me by a relative that I may need a new muffler. I’m not satisfied with that response. Any thoughts?

correction: it’s an LX

Its your heat shields on the exhaust…probably over the cat or any other part where they used sheet steel to help insulate the exhaust heat. They rust and the welds break and then they flap around making all sorts of noise…Most everyone just finds the offending piece and tears it off…or you can try to wire it back into place so it doesn’t rattle. Sounds like Textbook heat shield being loose and rattling on you… Jack up the vehicle and fiddle around with the exhaust and the heat shields…sooner or later you will find the loose shield and you will decide what to do with it…either rip it off or try to re-fasten it…


Thanks Honda Blackbird! That sounds way better than replacing a muffler :slight_smile:

If it is a loose heat shield, and I agree that it’s a common source of these sounds, the accepted way to repair it is to wrap a worm-type large hose clamp (from the hardware store) around it and the converter and snug it up. It’s a permanent fix.

Yep, a loose heat sheild!! Fix it like mountainbike says.